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Micro Max 50K2330UHD Review

The model number 50K2330UHD is a bit ambiguous, because the Micromax 4K TV actually measures 49 inches transversely. The screen resolution is 4K ordinary at 3840×2160 pixels. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports, one Ethernet port, one VGA port, and RCA outputs for audio, module AV inputs, and a socket for a transmitter along the bottom. Total of three USB ports an SD card hole, sockets for a microphone and headphones, a Video Out socket and an S/PDIF port. The only key attribute missing from the list is 3D potential, but this isn’t something that too many people will miss. Overall this is the best 4k tv 2017.

The Micromax 4k TV is an Android 4.4 device with the ability to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, and is powered by a dual core CPU with 1GB RAM and 2.5GB of user offered storage space, which can be expanded by up to 32GB. A handful of apps are preloaded onto the Micromax 4kTV, and access to the Google Play Store means that others can be downloaded. All of this is forbidden by an RF capable suggestion sensing remote, and you can use your Android Smartphone as a touch screen tilt antenna. It isn’t the smoothest practice and is far from graceful. It is nice to know that you can use your big monitor for tablet like functionality.

This leads to long waiting times before you can access your content, especially if you have a set-top box or USB drive associated. Once it’s up and administration though, you can easily access apps and USB drives. A handful of preinstalled apps are present, of which MiScreenTV, a mirroring service, seemed the most useful. The Smartphone app needed to use screen mirroring is poorly designed and refused to cooperate despite frequent attempts, so we were unable to test this feature properly. We did manage to play Angry Birds and Doodle Jump on the TV using an Android Smartphone as a touch and tilt controller, and it was amazingly fun. The picture reproduction of the television was really good. The color reproduction was outstanding and we did not notice any pixilation. The sound output quality was awesome.

The remote is an easy, well design affair. It’s RF-capable, and a compress of a key brings up a mouse cursor on screen, which can be forbidden with motion. This makes moving around the edge easy and pleasurable. It also has all the key functions available at the press of a button.

The Micromax 4k finish is excellent and it will absolutely catch the concentration of your guests if you choose to buy this TV. We didn’t like the stands and they are spaced too far separately and can cause placement problems, as you need a very wide table. Enjoy watching your favorite videos on your Smartphone with TV mirroring which allows you to mirror the TV Screen to your Smart Phone. Share song, Photos and Videos from your Smart Phone to your Micromax 4k TV and enjoy big display entertainment. You can also use your phone as a virtual keyboard.

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