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Micro Max 50K2330UHD Review

The model number 50K2330UHD is a bit ambiguous, because the Micromax 4K TV actually measures 49 inches transversely. The screen resolution is 4K ordinary at 3840×2160 pixels. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports, one Ethernet port, one VGA port, and RCA outputs for audio, module AV inputs, and a socket for a transmitter along the bottom. Total of three USB ports an SD card hole, sockets for a microphone and headphones, a Video Out socket and an S/PDIF port. The only key attribute missing from the list is 3D potential, but this isn’t something that too many people will miss. Overall this is the best 4k tv 2017.

The Micromax 4k TV is an Android 4.4 device with the ability to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, and is powered by a dual core CPU with 1GB RAM and 2.5GB of user offered storage space, which can be expanded by up to 32GB. A handful of apps are preloaded onto the Micromax 4kTV, and access to the Google Play Store means that others can be downloaded. All of this is forbidden by an RF capable suggestion sensing remote, and you can use your Android Smartphone as a touch screen tilt antenna. It isn’t the smoothest practice and is far from graceful. It is nice to know that you can use your big monitor for tablet like functionality.

This leads to long waiting times before you can access your content, especially if you have a set-top box or USB drive associated. Once it’s up and administration though, you can easily access apps and USB drives. A handful of preinstalled apps are present, of which MiScreenTV, a mirroring service, seemed the most useful. The Smartphone app needed to use screen mirroring is poorly designed and refused to cooperate despite frequent attempts, so we were unable to test this feature properly. We did manage to play Angry Birds and Doodle Jump on the TV using an Android Smartphone as a touch and tilt controller, and it was amazingly fun. The picture reproduction of the television was really good. The color reproduction was outstanding and we did not notice any pixilation. The sound output quality was awesome.

The remote is an easy, well design affair. It’s RF-capable, and a compress of a key brings up a mouse cursor on screen, which can be forbidden with motion. This makes moving around the edge easy and pleasurable. It also has all the key functions available at the press of a button.

The Micromax 4k finish is excellent and it will absolutely catch the concentration of your guests if you choose to buy this TV. We didn’t like the stands and they are spaced too far separately and can cause placement problems, as you need a very wide table. Enjoy watching your favorite videos on your Smartphone with TV mirroring which allows you to mirror the TV Screen to your Smart Phone. Share song, Photos and Videos from your Smart Phone to your Micromax 4k TV and enjoy big display entertainment. You can also use your phone as a virtual keyboard.

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Ideas for Cooking With Rice

Rice sustains two thirds of the world’s population, so it’s no surprise that nearly every culture uses it for something in a variety of dishes. If you’re used to plain long-grained rice, you’re in for a treat. By looking around the world, you can find a variety of delicious and exotic rice-based dishes to take your meals from good to great.

Rice Salad

Rice salad is the perfect side dish for warm days when you don’t want something hot. But because of the unique starch characteristics of the long-grain rice used to make it, rice salad often turns unappetizing and hard as it cools. “Cook’s Illustrated” magazine recommends toasting raw rice in a nonstick skillet over medium heat, cooking the rice as you would pasta, then spreading the rice on sheets of parchment or wax paper to cool. This helps soften the starch coat so the rice remains pliable.


Paella is a traditional Mediterranean dish made from saffron-seasoned short-grain rice and a variety of proteins and aromatic vegetables. Fish and seafood are traditional in this dish, though you can use just about anything you have around. Rice choice is important, however. The Food Network’s Alton Brown recommends short grain Spanish rices such as Arroz De Valincia and Aroz Bomba. If you can’t find those, you can use Italian Arborio, available in most supermarkets. Paella can be made with some kitchen appliances. you can visit to see what machines are available.

Red Beans and Rice

The Iberian Peninsula isn’t the only place you’ll find tasty, exotic dishes. Rice is a traditional ingredient in Caribbean classics such as red beans and rice. You won’t even need to shop for specialty rices to make this dish. Standard, inexpensive long-grain white rice works just fine. If you want to up the nutrition,’s healthy recipe section suggests using brown rice, which has more fiber and more minerals than white rice.

Rice Pudding

Though rice makes a tasty side and a filling base for main dishes, it also makes a wonderful dessert. Rice pudding – a traditional dish from the Indian subcontinent – adds a fragrant, exotic finish to any meal. Though you can make it with standard long-grain rice, Alton Brown (Reference 3) recommends Basmati rice because its heady fragrance marries well with Indian spices.

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Beauty Salon of the 50s

Beauty conscious women avail themselves of salons catering to hair, skin, and nails. We know what those services are now. What were they like half a century ago?

My mother was a licensed beautician, entrepreneur, and small business owner. She had a ‘beauty shop,’ as she called it, in the late 40s, 50s, and early 60s. What follows is the hair service she offered in her shop.

Shop vs salon

Let me be clear. My mother’s place was a shop: Not a salon, not a spa, not a boutique or other pretentious name for the business. It was a shop, spelled just like that, not ‘shoppe,’ which connoted some superficiality it didn’t have.

Furthermore, it was located in a small New Jersey town, on the second floor above the movie house on Main Street. That movie theater was where I got my very first kiss, but that’s another story.

Ladies hair

The shop’s services for women’s hair included shampoo, cut, set, permanent waves, and utilises the best hair dryer.

It is the shampoo that distinguishes the beauty shop from the barber shop. A barber never shampoos men’s hair before cutting. And, of course, the beauty shop had no male customers. A guy wouldn’t be caught dead in my mother’s shop, unless it was the towel guy or the products supplier.

Two bucks

A shampoo and set cost $2.00. I can’t believe my mother worked for so little. But that was the going price, and plenty of ladies came regularly each week for their shampoo and set. Oh, and no neck massage or other foo foo services did one get with a shampoo and set. You got a nice hairdo at the end, and that was that.

Set and dry

The set used bobby pins to hold the pin curls. Rollers had not yet been invented. Shampooed wet hair was divided into small sections. The hair from each section was wound skillfully around two fingers and held in place with a bobby pin.

With a headful of wet pincurls, one was obliged to sit under the hairdryer for half an hour. This hairdryer was a large metal stand-alone contraption into which one put one’s head. It looked like a helmet for lounging on the moon and preceded the handheld variety of hairdryers we have today.


The shop offered permanent waves. My own experience with them was too early and too frequent. Being the daughter of a beautician meant that my hair was always too straight for my mother’s liking. I had more permanent waves before I was five than anyone I know. Well, maybe my sister. She was older and presumably withstood the burned scalp one endured from the strong permanent wave chemicals in those days. The scabs in my scalp were intolerable, especially for a first grader.

Blonde, brunette, or red

The shop offered hair coloring that went anywhere from platinum blonde to jet black. Coloring was big then, although they didn’t call it that. It was either dyeing or bleaching–taking color out and/or putting it in.

These were the days when Marilyn Monroe graced the big screen. It seems everybody wanted to be a platinum blonde. My sister, being older, had my mother bleach her hair to nearly colorless. Little did we know our hair would turn this color naturally in our later years.

For me in those days, it was only a blonde streak down my long light brown hair. The streak, however, was installed when I was 12. I had that streak until the rest of my hair matched it in those later years I knew nothing of in my youth.

Of those days in my mother’s shop, I remember a particular customer. Every month, she had the roots touched up on her fire-engine red hair. She was an elderly school teacher, and all I could wonder was whether any of her students thought it was her natural color.

Closed up shop

The beauty shop had a good twenty year run. It closed down when business slowed to a trickle, especially when the late sixties brought in blunt-cut, blow-dried hairdos, if anybody washed or cut their long straight hippie hair at all.

It was disappointing to see my mother lose her business and profession, but she was the reason for my hair looking good in my youth. I did swear off permanent waves forever, however.

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Cordless Vacuums

With the higher power, MAX power, and durable battery life, you will probably think this is the ideal vacuum cleaner you have at any time owned. Again the vacuum isn’t available on Cordless vacuums offer you much more room. A cordless vacuum could possibly be a good choice for those who have a huge area of floors to vacuum. In such instances, cordless handheld vacuums are simply the proper instruments to use, should you need one is available to assist.

You really can’t fail if you’re on the lookout for a stick vacuum cleaner with both of these alternatives. A vacuum takes up lots of space. All the vacuums are selected on the grounds of earning life that bit easier but offer themselves as a good deal too (however, as we’re looking at the `best’ don’t expect too much bargain). Most vacuums have to be kept in a huge closet. There are tons of really great vacuums under $100 dollars to utilize for your house. With so several of these items available on the market, you could be wondering which the very best vacuum is to purchase. It does obviously function as a great vacuum cleaner all round also.

Vacuums can be pricey, and you want to get the best vacuum for the money which you’re paying. It is necessary to wash them with the right vacuum. It’s like a Dirt Devil hand vacuum cleaner in regards to removing pet hairs in your home or car.

A premium quality vacuum cleaner will be more expensive than two hundred dollars. Since you can see, in regards to refurbished Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, you have a lot of selections to take into consideration. Furthermore, it is really surprisingly powerful and ought to be more than sufficient for nearly all of your cleaning requirements. A wonderful vacuum cleaner is important nowadays, and you’re not seeking the boring traditional kind of vacuum either. If you’re on the lookout for a terrific new vacuum cleaner for your house, then you may be wondering whether it’s well worth spending slightly more.

Mops and vacuums are tough to use. Owning an electric broom can conserve a great deal of time. An electric floor sweeper is simple to use to rapidly clean up spills and messes or to clean out the floor if there’s no opportunity to vacuum. If he or she will see a lot of use, then it may be a good idea to spend more money to get a quality sweeper that will last a long time. The Hoover on the opposite hand does have far better battery life, which if you’re seeking to vacuum a bigger home will be somewhat crucial. He makes durable and quality vac cleaners to use for your home. It is a fantastic hoover for both carpeting and wood floors and you may recline the handle so as to get under furniture and beds with no issues whatsoever.

The handle is produced from a durable metal. The ideal hand held vacuums aren’t based on price. For its cheap selling price, however, it’s still a fairly good hand vac to buy. A really good mop goes a ways in offering an exact clean floor. The issue with light weight vacuum cleaners is that if you decrease weight you also lower the ability of the vacuum cleaner by using a more compact motor and weaker components.

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Some Info On The K501UX

Please be aware, the SSD cannot be utilized to put away data, as a superior speed cache space is to enhance the functioning of the laptop. Make the switch to the critical BX100 and get all you expect from an essential SSD for an unexpected price. Inside my opinion, there isn’t lots of reasons to run a great deal of RAM. The precise opposite situation to note, you’ll unquestionably take a dedicated graphic chip in case you are going to be playing demanding new games. In regards to gaming, however, don’t expect anything special. For every single test such as this, we use precisely the same video in HD. The HD webcam is not as impressive, though.

Asus’ touchpad is one of the best. However, you must be aware the keyboard isn’t backlit on the Zenbook UX305LA and that may be a big deal-breaker. You’ll need to decide on a laptop that best satisfies your requirements, is in accordance with your finances, and accept its shortcomings. Do scroll down to figure out the stuff you must think about the situations you have to have in your laptop. It is a laptop, I don’t anticipate all too much utilize from the speakers since I always utilize external speakers or headphones. This is a rather pleasant Notebook. This is very good programming laptop.

There might be a choice to resolve this, but aside from that, the screen appears excellent. It’s screen is ideal, but this includes an elevated price (Details on Amazon). Additionally, keep in mind this screen includes a Brightness sensor in addition to a bunch of Intel Power Saving technologies. The truth is that it is a screen most users will come across excellent for everyday use. After all it might be a higher resolution display. however, it certainly could be better. Lastly, the monitor is simply OK. This type of calibration ought to be included by default, cause the panel is actually good and Asus should make the most of it.

My estimate is that system is great for a couple of years until you are in need of a new gaming laptop. You are going to be able to reach good frame rates at 1080p. In case you have sufficient money, you might go for SSD through PCIe or M.2 in the ideal performance laptop. The truth is that it is a great buy if you believe the price you are going to be paying for the specs. Some discounts may be available over here. You ought to receive rid of them all or even better, in case the Microsoft Store will sell this laptop in your country, attempt to receive one of their Signature Edition versions without a bloatware in any respect. I even bought a few distinctive brands attempting to obtain the ideal mobile gaming machine.

The Asus K501UX(-AH71) is among the most inexpensive laptops aimed toward gaming. Despite that, there’s a really terrible gorge in case you want the very best budget laptop. 15-16 inch is a typical display size for laptops and provides the biggest assortment of merchandise. It might have some extra weight as compared with a few of the typical laptops, but this is largely on account of the simple fact it boasts a dedicated video card, a long-lasting battery and a dual fan system that’s always critical for gaming laptops. That’s the compromise you’ve got to make for a nice hardware that’s capable of running a number of the hottest games. The 1 caveat to every one of this is overclocking performance. It is extremely slow, beware of purchasing this laptop should you not plan to buy an SSD or no less than a much faster HDD.